The Big Question: How much do I charge for a custom paint job for a goalie mask?

Every paint job we do is custom designed just for you. So, the price really depends on the design you and I come up with. The base price for any paint job is $500 and goes up from there depending on the design. The more complicated the design the more time it will take to paint. As the famous saying goes, “time = money” .Symmetrical designs run a little more as they are much more time intensive.

A $100 deposit will get the project rolling into the sketch phase and will be applied to the final price of the mask. Everything is done on a first come first served basis. If you have a rush need we can move you up in line for a small additional fee. I will keep you updated with pictures as I work and once the mask is completed I will require the final payment plus shipping before I send back the mask. Once final payment is received your mask will be shipped back for you to enjoy.

The general turn around time from the day I receive the mask till it’s ready to ship back is usually 7-10 days.

Every project is different and each customer has different needs but, this is a general idea of how the process works. The more streamlined the process the less wasted time and who has time to waste? We have pucks to stop, right?

You can contact me at: if you have further questions.


*I prefer to work on new/unworn masks as they are much easier to deal with. I do not do any real mask refurbishing. I will be willing to rehab the main surface as best I can on old or worn masks. Obviously the durability of any paint job on an old or worn mask is going to be questionable. So, please keep that in mind. I will not accept masks with structural damage such as cracks. Chips are one thing but cracks are quite another. I want everyone to be safe and playing with a cracked mask is just plain crazy!