Things To Consider

Thinking about getting your mask or helmet painted? Here are some things to consider and things I feel obliged to let you know.

1: Your mask/ helmet factory warranty. When you bought your new mask it no doubt came with a booklet explaining the product and the product warranty. If you read this it will tell you quite specifically that having your mask painted by ANYONE other than the factory or a factory certified painter will void your warranty. Until the day I become a certified painter for every mask company out there…well, there are going to be some masks that fall out warranty. Most mask manufacturers will void your warranty even if you put stickers on your mask. Just something to keep in mind. I AM certified by Bauer so any Bauer mask higher than an NME3-5 is covered and retains the factory warranty after paint.

2: Durability. You are a goalie so you understand full well that pucks, sticks and skates can do some damage. Like I mentioned above, I use great materials on my masks to increase the durability of the finished paint job. That said… a goalie mask is going to see some rough action. So, nicks, chips and scratches can and will happen. I do my best to send you a durable product but, I cant guarantee it against all damage. Imagine shooting pucks at your car? Would you be surprised to see the paint chip here and there? Pretty much the same principle here.

The better you treat your mask the longer and better your paint job will last. The edges are particularly prone to chips and damage so, be careful when sitting it down on hard surfaces. It’s always best to store and transport your mask in a soft bag or factory made carrier. But, you do that already, dont you? Of course you do.

3: CSA and HECC certification stickers. If you want me to remove those from the skull plate of your mask I am compelled to let you know that it will void the certification of the helmet/ mask. I will happily tape the certification stickers over and keep them viable if you request. Most of the time I remove them and relocate them to a spot inside the mask if there is room. Otherwise they can be reapplied to the back plate after finish.  I cant think of a bigger bummer than being unable to play because you have a helmet that has a voided certification.

All of the above also goes for Motorcycle helmets. Read and fully understand your warranty before you decide to get the product painted.